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The Mermaid and the Shrimp

So, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging lately.  It has been a very crazy month, or two.  I never realized just how much work it is having two kids.  It’s no joke when people say that having another child is like having 10 more.  Add a full-time job into the mix and there is little or no time spare.  My weekends are now a rat-race of Target runs, tackling piles of laundry, and trying to spend some time with the kids.  Needless to say there hasn’t been any time left to write.

There is one thing I insisted on finding time for and that was making my daughter’s Halloween costume.  She had been talking for months about being Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  I brought her to the Disney store and asked her if she liked the Ariel dresses they had.  She said,”No mumma.  I want to be Ariel the mermaid.  I need a looong green tail and seashell boobies.”  Well, not sure if you’ve ever looked for a mermaid costume for a toddler, but none of them have tails.  I decided to get to work.  After a couple sleepless weekends, I was able to transform the little princess into the mermaid she wanted to be.  I found a great shrimp costume for the little man, so the two were a perfect pair.


I’m Beaming!

Not what you’re thinking.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yesterday I was nominated for my first blogging award, The Sunshine Award.  Yay!!!!  I received this fantastic honor from fellow mommy blogger wedelmom.  Thank you wedelmom!  It feels great to know that there are people in this world who enjoy hearing about the craziness that is my life.  🙂

The Sunshine Award

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself. (See below)

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

Here we go…

Sunshine questions:

1.  What is my favorite number?  17.  My husband and I were both born on the 17th, so it must be a great number.  It comes up a lot in KENO, too.

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?  Chocolate shakes, but I don’t drink them often.  I’ll have to go with club soda if we’re talking about an everyday thing.

3. Favorite Animal?  Frog.  I’m not sure why, I’ve just always really liked them.  Okay maybe loved them.  Enough to have one tattooed just above my butt when I was nineteen.  Yup, that should look pretty in another 10 years.

3.  Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook.  I don’t have much experience with Twitter and that little bird annoys the crap out of me.  Just kidding.

4. My Passion?  Creating.  I love using my hands to make things.  I believe I have enough hobbies to last me a few lifetimes.

5. Favorite Day of the Week?  I’m going to go with Friday, because even though you still have to go to work, you know that at the end of the day you’re free.  The anticipation of what the weekend has to bring reminds me of being a teenager.

6.  Favorite Flower?  I love lotus flowers.  Blue orchids are really beautiful, too.

And the Sunshine Nominees are

1.  you and mie:  This blog motivates me to create.  She shares the same interests that I have: pattern making, sewing, and taking pictures of her beautiful little girl.

2.  Craft Schmaft:  This is a blog by one crafty mommy.  Her ideas are so cute.  She makes these adorable little sock creatures…

3.  California Pixie:  Love this girl’s style.  Her blog is filled with lots of colorful pictures of her eats, her travels, and her cool vintage style.

4.  Leanne Shirtliffe ~ Ironic Mom:  Funny, funny, funny.  Read if you want to laugh.

5.  Raising My Rainbow:  Very inspiring.  Makes you realize that people are people.  Period.  Accept them for who they are.

Okay, so I only have five nominees because I’m fairly new to this blogging world.  I think the ones I’ve chosen are really good and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

My Mommy Made It for Me

So yesterday I told of our vacation to Disney.  I know…riveting.  Well, there was a moment there where my daughter truly melted my heart.  She made friends with some other little girls that were waiting in line to see Rapunzel.  When they were playing, I heard her say “Do you like my pretty dress?  My mommy made it for me.  Look, it twirls!” and she began to dance.  It brought a tear to my eye.  This may seem corny that her saying this meant so much to me, but the majority of the time I feel over worked & under appreciated.  It’s nice to know that she acknowledges the little things I do for her- sometimes.  I need to envision this moment the next time she gets into my expensive make-up.

A Real Vacation

We recently decided it was time to have our 1st “real” vacation as a family.  Since our daughter was born, all of our “vacations” were spent traveling to visit family.  Lets be honest, these trips can be less than enjoyable.  Running around from house to house, showing our child off like she’s a prize winning show dog to people we haven’t seen in years- not fun!  So…… we decided to go somewhere we would all love.  Disney World!  (Yes, I realize that my husband and I are in the few adults that actually enjoy this place.  Most find it a form of torture to spend $$$$ to wait in long lines with whining kids in 100% humidity.)

We were a little afraid of how the princess would act since we were right in the thick of the “terrible twos” stage, but I have to say her behavior was not that bad.  I was afraid we might have to leash her like Cam & Mitchell did to Lily on Modern Family.  I used to be fully against the leashing of children…until I actually had 1 of my own.  Now I fully understand why the person who invented the “child leash” is a multi-millionare.

The vacation was somewhat enjoyable for me- defintely not as fun as a child-free trip, but seeing the way her little face lit up when she first saw Rapunzel & Cinderella made it all worth it.  She was in Princess Heaven.  She still fit in her Snow White dress I had made her for Halloween and insisted on wearing it over & over.  The skirt is now permanently a nice shade of Dirt.  Here are some of my favorite photos of her in all her princess glory:


A Dress for the Princess

As you all know by now, my daughter is obsessed with everything princess.  Especially Disney Princesses.  We decided to have a princess theme party for her 2nd birthday, so of course she needed a princess dress.  Well, she is very tiny for age.  We looked at the Disney store and all of the dresses were 2 sizes too big.  Here were my options 1) Buy an overpriced dress, made of cheesy fabric, & alter it to fit her or 2) Design & make her a dress.  Since I haven’t been working, I chose 2) to make her a dress.  I wouldn’t let myself spend more than $10 though.  I marched my butt down to the $1.99 fabric store to see what I could find.  I wasn’t sure which princess I would make her.  I found some blue & silver fabric- perfect for Cinderella.  Also, found some silver trim.  All for under 10 bucks!  I went home & sketched, then put my pattern making skills to the test.  I have to say I’m quite proud of my results.  I even beaded the front bodice to give her a little sparkle.  She loved her dress!  She was also able to wear it a few nights later when we went to Disney Princess’ on Ice.