I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

My 3 year old daughter is very independent.  She likes to do everything herself.  Including going to the bathroom.  Whenever I try to help her I usually hear, “I need privacy.  Go over dere in your room.”  Can’t say that I blame her.  After all, who likes an audience when they’re pooping, right?

Most of the time she will call me in for the butt wiping ceremony.  Believe it or not, this is a good thing.  On occasion she does it herself.  This has to be followed by a thorough hand scrubbing.

Yesterday morning after breakfast she started doing a little thing we call the “poo-poo dance”.  After questioning her several times, she finally admitted she had to go.  She was really into this episode of Dora and agreed to go only if I would “crause” her show so she wouldn’t miss the ending.

I helped her get up onto her little princess toilet seat and left her to do her business.  A couple of minutes later I hear yelling,”Mom!  Mom!”, so I ran over thinking something was wrong.  Usually I just get the “I’m done” from her.  I went into the bathroom to see her standing next to the toilet, pointing in at what she had just “created”.  I asked her,”What’s wrong?  Are you okay?”.  She said excitedly,”Look Mom!  It’s like a Tac-o-dile (crocodile) sticking up out of the water!”

Now, I’m not sure if I should be proud that she knows her animals and the habitats they live in or if I should be concerned that she’s examining her poop long enough to figure this out.


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