I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my mother and my 87-year-old grandmother.  I also had the little man with me.  When we got to the restaurant, I pulled him out of his car seat and smelt something not so pleasant.  I decided to change him on the back tail gate as the public restroom changing tables skeev me out.

Instead of heading inside to grab us a table, my family decided that I needed an audience while cleaning poop.  I don’t know if it was the cool breeze, but when I opened the little mans diaper, he was sporting a full on baby boner.  Usually this is a sign that he’s going to start pissing all over the place, so I hurried up and covered it.  I waited a minute and then took the diaper down again.  His little woody was still there.  My mom asked,”Do you need some help?”, then looked over and shrieked,”What is that???  Why is it sticking up like that?”  Mom, if I have to explain this to you then I have no idea how I ended up here in the first place.

With all the commotion going on, my grandmother got curious and decided to peek over.  Her response was,”Oh my.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of those.”  Freakin hilarious.  Gotta love the family.


Comments on: "Why is it sticking up like that???" (8)

  1. I gotta remember not to be drinking anything when I read these. Almost choked. Funny stuff.

  2. lmao..too funny. My 6 year old daughter said the same thing the other day!

  3. Hahahahahaha!

  4. baby boner. That’s great. lately when i change my son he reaches down and plays with it til it gets hard. he’s just like his dad.

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