I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

I was changing my son’s diaper yesterday and my daughter asked if she could help.  I usually ask her to grab me a diaper & wipee so she feels like she’s included.  Then she loses interest and walks away.  Well, this time she decided to hover.  I could see her staring at his “private areas” with a puzzled look.  I decided not to say anything and just prayed she wouldn’t start asking questions.  After a couple of seconds she asked, “Mumma, is that’s him’s pee-pee?”  So I replied, “Yes, he’s a boy.  His is different than ours.”  Then she nonchalantly said, “Oh, him’s got a long one”, and walked away.  My husband smiled from ear to ear and said,” That’s right.  He takes after his daddy.”  Hopefully she won’t repeat this one at daycare today.


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