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“I do these moves all the time!”

My daughter love, love, loves the Just Dance 3 video game for X Box 360 Kinect.  She’s been begging me for weeks now to dance with her and I finally got the okay from the doctor to resume normal physical activity.  I don’t know if this is what you would consider “normal”, but my daughter seems to get a kick out of it.

I have to admit that I really enjoy this game, too.  It’s an excuse for me to make a total and complete ass of myself, while getting some excercise, and entertaining my daughter all at the same time.  I call it multitasking.

I even made an effort to dance with her when I was 9 months pregnant.  I can only imagine what the neighbors thought (they have a good view into our front window).   I must have looked like a giant hippo having a seizure.  My husband has video of this and yes, I will hurt him severely if he shows anyone.

The other night we finally had a chance to try one of the dances we had never done before.  My daughter got real excited during one part and yelled, “Ooh, ooh.  I know this dance move!”

I said,”You do?”  She replied,”Ya, this is my dance move.  I do these moves all the time!”  Then she started dancing like a crazy woman.  She almost took her baby brother out in the process.

I didn’t realize my 3 year old had her own signature move.  It kind of reminds me of Elaine’s dancing on Seinfeld.  The video speaks for itself.  All I have to say is my kid is awesome!


Sprinkler Time

I’m Beaming!

Not what you’re thinking.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yesterday I was nominated for my first blogging award, The Sunshine Award.  Yay!!!!  I received this fantastic honor from fellow mommy blogger wedelmom.  Thank you wedelmom!  It feels great to know that there are people in this world who enjoy hearing about the craziness that is my life.  🙂

The Sunshine Award

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself. (See below)

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

Here we go…

Sunshine questions:

1.  What is my favorite number?  17.  My husband and I were both born on the 17th, so it must be a great number.  It comes up a lot in KENO, too.

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?  Chocolate shakes, but I don’t drink them often.  I’ll have to go with club soda if we’re talking about an everyday thing.

3. Favorite Animal?  Frog.  I’m not sure why, I’ve just always really liked them.  Okay maybe loved them.  Enough to have one tattooed just above my butt when I was nineteen.  Yup, that should look pretty in another 10 years.

3.  Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook.  I don’t have much experience with Twitter and that little bird annoys the crap out of me.  Just kidding.

4. My Passion?  Creating.  I love using my hands to make things.  I believe I have enough hobbies to last me a few lifetimes.

5. Favorite Day of the Week?  I’m going to go with Friday, because even though you still have to go to work, you know that at the end of the day you’re free.  The anticipation of what the weekend has to bring reminds me of being a teenager.

6.  Favorite Flower?  I love lotus flowers.  Blue orchids are really beautiful, too.

And the Sunshine Nominees are

1.  you and mie:  This blog motivates me to create.  She shares the same interests that I have: pattern making, sewing, and taking pictures of her beautiful little girl.

2.  Craft Schmaft:  This is a blog by one crafty mommy.  Her ideas are so cute.  She makes these adorable little sock creatures…

3.  California Pixie:  Love this girl’s style.  Her blog is filled with lots of colorful pictures of her eats, her travels, and her cool vintage style.

4.  Leanne Shirtliffe ~ Ironic Mom:  Funny, funny, funny.  Read if you want to laugh.

5.  Raising My Rainbow:  Very inspiring.  Makes you realize that people are people.  Period.  Accept them for who they are.

Okay, so I only have five nominees because I’m fairly new to this blogging world.  I think the ones I’ve chosen are really good and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

Feeling Green

“This is not for girls, this is for Daddies”

About a month ago, I was in my bedroom putting away laundry.  My daughter was in her room playing, or so I thought.  All of the sudden she came running into the bedroom, yelling,”Mommy, there’s a girl taking her shirt off”.

I had no idea what she was talking about.  I turned quickly to see her running towards me with her little arm stretched out and my iPhone in hand.  She must have theived it right out of my pocketbook when I wasn’t looking.  I asked her,”What girl?  What are you talking about?”

She handed over the phone and said,”Mommy, look the girl on your phone is taking her shirt off.  This is not for kids.”

I grabbed it from her and looked.  Sure enough in the tiny thumbnail, there was a woman lifting her shirt off in front of a man.  Thank God the woman had a bra on at least.  “What is this?”, I said.  “What are you watching?  You’re right, this is not for little girls.”

She looked at me very seriously, shaking her head, and said,”No, this is not for girls, this is for Daddies.”

Drift Away….


Time for Eye Cream???

I was sitting next to the tub, giving my daughter a bath when she leaned over and gently touched right next to my eye.  She said,”Mommy, you have cracks in your eyes.  Is it because you’re getting old?”  I started to laugh.  Then she leaned in closer for a better look and said,”You have purple (capillaries) on your eyelids.  Just like Grammy.  Grammy’s an old lady.”  I said,”Okay, time to get out.”  I didn’t want to hear what she was going to notice next.

I think it’s time to change to softer lighting in the bathroom.