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A New Mom…again

We now have a new edition to our family…a baby boy.  After 9 months of nausea, headaches, swelling, back aches, & sleepless nights, our little boy is finally here.  He, just like his sister, decided to make a surprise appearance into this world.  I was scheduled to have a repeat c-section, but apparently the date we picked was not acceptable to him.  He chose to come a couple weeks early.  On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.   At 5:30pm.  When my husband was working 3 hrs away.  I should also mention that my husband transports large equipment for a living.  I believe his drive up 84 to the hospital in a huge dump truck with excavator in tow was less than enjoyable. He told me he was hauling ass in the left lane, doing 80mph, on the air horn, just hoping to get pulled over to get a police escort.  I’m sure he would have gotten a police escort, but not so sure it would have been to the hospital.

It all began Friday afternoon when I went in for a routine check-up, non-stress test, & ultra sound.  I had been going to these appointments bi-weekly at this point.  At 35 weeks, my baby was diagnosed with IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction).  This means that the baby is smaller than expected- my baby was estimated to be in the 3 percentile for size.  I have to tell you that this was really no surprise to me.  I am all of 4ft 10in tall and my husband is no giant himself.  I was 112lbs. at 9 months pregnant.  Our daughter was only 5lbs. 7oz when she was born.  But all of this does not matter because everything in this country is based on averages.  My doctor even told me that she thought my baby’s size was normal considering my size, however, because we live in a sue-crazy society they must CTA (COVER THEIR ASS).  Alas, the doctor’s office became my home away from home.

So, back to Friday.  I went in for my non-stress test and check-up first.  Everything was fine as usual.  I was sent on my way and told to enjoy the long weekend.  I then went to my ultrasound (my shitty health insurance does not allow me to get ultrasounds in my doctor’s office).  The tech did my ultrasound as usual and told me to wait until she reviewed the images with the doctor.  It was 4:30 at this point and I had a 6 o’clock appointment to get my eyebrows done.  I was getting impatient waiting, knowing that traffic was getting worse by the minute.  The tech then came out with the doctor and told me that they found my amniotic fluid was low (I was told I had plenty of fluid the week before).  They had contacted the OB on call and he wanted me sent over to Labor and Delivery to be examined.  I thought, fine I’ll get checked out and be sent on my way…hopefully still making it to my appointment.  This was my main concern, as it looked like I had glued two giant, hairy caterpillars to my forehead.  I very naively walked into Labor & Delivery and told them I was just sent over to be “checked”.  The nurse told me to change into a johnny and took my 3/4 full ice coffee away from me :(.  I still at this point was thinking that I would get out quick.  The nurse then hooked me up to another non-stress test.  Shortly after the doctor came in and told me again that my amniotic fluid was low and he was not comfortable sending me home for the long weekend.  Enter Nurse:  handing me a box of tissues.  Reality now set in.  They asked me how soon my husband would be able to make it to the hospital.  The tears began to flow.  Now I knew this baby was coming- soon.

They began to prep me for surgery, but told me they would plan on delivering later that night.  The doctor got called out to assist with another surgery and there was another c-section to go before mine.  As I layed in the hospital bed I tried not to worry. ( I have a history of anxiety and almost shook off the operating table with my 1st child I was so terrified.  They had to drug me when they gave me my spinal to calm me down.)  I tried to focus on the TV, but had many thoughts going through my mind:  Will my child be healthy?  Will surgery go okay?  What if I get a blood clot?  What if I get an infection?  How the hell did I end up with a male doctor delivering again?

I finally was beginning to feel somewhat relaxed when all of a sudden 2 nurses came running in and before I knew it had flipped me onto my other side.  Scared the shit out of me!  The baby’s heart rate had began to drop.  Deja vu!  This was the same thing that happened when they tried inducing me for my daughter.  After the nurses moved me, his heart rate began to stabilize again.  They said maybe it was the position I was in.  At this point, I was still waiting for my husband to arrive.

Next, the anesthesiologist came in to speak to me.  He asked when the last time I ate something was.  3:30pm.  It was now 7:30.  The doctor wanted to perform the c-section at 9:30.  I guess they do not like to give a spinal until 8hrs after you have eaten, due to risk of vomiting and aspirating the vomit.  Now I’m thinking, “Great, now you’re going to tell me I could choke to death on my vomit.  Are you kidding me????”.  The anesthesiologist now asks the nurses if this is an emergency, otherwise he wants to wait until 11:30.  The nurses call the doctor in, and the doctor and the anesthesiologist are bickering back and forth.  As they’re “having words” the non-stress monitor goes off again.  Baby’s heart rate dropped again.  Now it is an emergency.  Thank God my husband arrived in the midst of all this.  So now my choice to wait was taken away.  Baby is coming NOW! 

Needless to say, everything turned out fine.  I’m fine, baby’s fine, and he’s 1 1/2lbs. bigger than anticipated.  Now let the fun begin!


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  1. aurorajane94 said:

    How big is he??

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