I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

A Real Vacation

We recently decided it was time to have our 1st “real” vacation as a family.  Since our daughter was born, all of our “vacations” were spent traveling to visit family.  Lets be honest, these trips can be less than enjoyable.  Running around from house to house, showing our child off like she’s a prize winning show dog to people we haven’t seen in years- not fun!  So…… we decided to go somewhere we would all love.  Disney World!  (Yes, I realize that my husband and I are in the few adults that actually enjoy this place.  Most find it a form of torture to spend $$$$ to wait in long lines with whining kids in 100% humidity.)

We were a little afraid of how the princess would act since we were right in the thick of the “terrible twos” stage, but I have to say her behavior was not that bad.  I was afraid we might have to leash her like Cam & Mitchell did to Lily on Modern Family.  I used to be fully against the leashing of children…until I actually had 1 of my own.  Now I fully understand why the person who invented the “child leash” is a multi-millionare.

The vacation was somewhat enjoyable for me- defintely not as fun as a child-free trip, but seeing the way her little face lit up when she first saw Rapunzel & Cinderella made it all worth it.  She was in Princess Heaven.  She still fit in her Snow White dress I had made her for Halloween and insisted on wearing it over & over.  The skirt is now permanently a nice shade of Dirt.  Here are some of my favorite photos of her in all her princess glory:



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