I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

Some Catching Up To Do

It has been quite some time since my last post.  Life has definitely been crazy this past year.  Trying to manage work, a feral toddler, pregnancy, & everything in between has become a challenge.  It is very difficult to find “me” time.  Somedays it is even impossible to get 5 minutes alone to go to the bathroom.  Ever try going while the bathroom door keeps slamming you in the knees, a little face keeps peeking in saying “Watcha doing?  Watcha doing?  Are you going potty???  Are you all done?  Did you go poo-poo?”, and you know you’re already running late for work?  Not the easiest thing.  No wonder my hair is turning grey.

I’ve now made a pact to myself to make more “me” time.  Not sure how this will be possible, but I will somehow have to make it work- for sanity purposes.  I will try to write down my thoughts on a daily basis- after all blogging is a hell of a lot cheaper form of therapy than telling some quack my problems.  Been there, done that, & still paying for it.


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