I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

A Dress for the Princess

As you all know by now, my daughter is obsessed with everything princess.  Especially Disney Princesses.  We decided to have a princess theme party for her 2nd birthday, so of course she needed a princess dress.  Well, she is very tiny for age.  We looked at the Disney store and all of the dresses were 2 sizes too big.  Here were my options 1) Buy an overpriced dress, made of cheesy fabric, & alter it to fit her or 2) Design & make her a dress.  Since I haven’t been working, I chose 2) to make her a dress.  I wouldn’t let myself spend more than $10 though.  I marched my butt down to the $1.99 fabric store to see what I could find.  I wasn’t sure which princess I would make her.  I found some blue & silver fabric- perfect for Cinderella.  Also, found some silver trim.  All for under 10 bucks!  I went home & sketched, then put my pattern making skills to the test.  I have to say I’m quite proud of my results.  I even beaded the front bodice to give her a little sparkle.  She loved her dress!  She was also able to wear it a few nights later when we went to Disney Princess’ on Ice.


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