I'm just a mommy living in a toddlers world

Sh*tty Morning

I woke up this morning to find myself in another battle with the bean over Snow White, yet again.  We slept through the alarm and I did not have time or the patience to sit in bed & watch this movie for 20 min.  The princess was not happy about this.  She threw a fit for a few minutes and then demanded “Waffles”.  Fine…I can make waffles, but you have to go potty first.  She refused to go potty.  Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!  At this point I wasn’t going to argue.  Well, I should have because she’s newly potty trained & hadn’t gone to the bathroom since 7:30 the night before .

As I am walking down the stairs, princess in my arms, to make her waffles, I see the dog at the bottom of the stairs in assumed positions to start shitting on the floor.  Now I have had this dog for almost 10yrs and love her very much.  But since we have moved to our new place last spring, she has decided to treat the house as her toilet.  This I am not happy about.  I start yelling to her, but alas it is too late.  Poop all over the floor.  Yuck!  Then the princess is telling me “Mommy, Sashie poopie on the floor.  Clean it!  Clean it !  Yuck!  Stinky poo-poo!”

After cleaning the mess, we finally sit down to eat our waffles.  The princess refuses to sit in her high chair.  She wants to sit on my lap.  At this point I’m not going to argue.  I just need to get her fed and get our butts out the door.  She’s happy, eating her waffles, sitting on my lap, when all the sudden I feel a warm  wetness spread over my legs.  She peed all over me!  I jump up and scream and she says “Mommy, need to go potty”.  She couldn’t have told me a minute before?  Time for shower number 2.

Yes, this is how my morning started.


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