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Brushy, brushy

I’m trying to teach my daughter to have proper hygiene, this means brushing the teeth & washing the face at least twice a day.  This is not the easiest task to do when child is running around the bathroom screaming bloody murder.  So to get her excited about our routine, I have to change things up & make it interesting for her.  I have tried various things.

I bought her Elmo bubblegum toothpaste- she ate it.

I bought her a light up tooth brush- it ended up in the toilet.

I gave her floss- she managed to empty the whole roll in 30 seconds.

I let her put toothpaste on my toothbrush- she squeezed half a tube onto it.  Big mess!

So the other night she was again refusing to let me brush her teeth.  When she saw me putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, she  said “Mommy, I brush you teeth”.  I made a deal with her, if I let you brush mine, you have to let me brush yours.  Sounded fair.  I have to mention that she has been sick with a nasty cold.  So I’m sitting on the floor, she has my toothbrush in hand, just as I open my mouth she lets out a huge sneeze.  Saliva & boogers everywhere!  (including in my mouth- YUCK!)  So disgusting, but I did get her teeth clean and my husband had a good laugh.


2 going on 22

I was tying the bean’s shoes this morning and I hear her singing very quietly “Ooh na, it’s my name.  Ooh na, it’s my name”.  Took me a second to figure out she was singing the Rhianna song.  Thank the 15 yr old niece that was over last weekend for that one.  Kids crack me up- when you want them to repeat something they won’t, but then other things they repeat after hearing 1 time.  I have been trying to teach my daughter to count for months.  Every time we count shes says ” one, free, four, five….”.  She always skips the number 2 and we have tried counting hundreds upon hundreds of times.  Then the other day I said the word “penis”.  Not sure why it came out of my mouth- think I might have been referring to my brother. 🙂  Anyways, she picked up that word like it was a piece of candy.  My husband walks in the door from work and our 2 yr old is running around saying “penis. penis, penis”.  Gotta love it.  She hasn’t said it since then, but I sure it will come out at some ideal time, like when we’re in the Dr.’s office.

No more Snow White!

Today I was forced to watch Snow White for lets say… at least the 100th time in the past month.  How can kids watch the same movie over & over????  With my nephews it was the Iron Giant & Shrek.  Parents please choose wisely when you show your child their 1st Disney movie.  Make sure it’s something you like as you will be watching it again & again & again.  I will now be cursed with nightmares of little men singing “Hi Ho” for years to come.  Joy!